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Environmental Control System

Since Korea has four distinctive seasons, for growing crops well,
maintenance of constant temperature in the greenhouse
by controlling the system is essential.

Control Box (Automatic Control Equipment)

The button can control the ceiling, side of the greenhouse film, and temperature automatically.
We have numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 control boxes.
Also, we can customize them.

Circulating Fan

Circulating the greenhouse air can reduce temperate departure, promote photosynthesis, and prevent blight.

Hot Air Heater

A high-efficiency heater that warms the inside of greenhouse air up quickly, can prevent damage caused by cold weather.

Open and Close Curtain System (Auto or Manual)

To control the temperature inside the greenhouse, open and close the ceiling and side curtains of the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Gutter System

We can build various gutter systems that adapt to crops and greenhouse circumstances.
For instance, a hanging gutter settled as the height of people, a water gutter for water culture, a special gutter for reducing the replant failure, etc.