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Greenhouse Film

Shinwoo21 is a branch office
selling the brand “Camel mark” made by Sam-dong Corp.
We have longevity film, PO coating film, mulching film, biodegradable film, etc.

Longevity Film

It is made in Korea product using 100% of longevity raw materials that upgrade transmittance and durability. Oxidation of the surface is less than regular PE film and stronger against strong winds and snow.

PO Coating Film (Came Coat, Came Power)

The 6-layer “long-lasting” PO coating film is produced
for the first time in Korea.
It is optimized for anti-drop, heating, and transparency.
For those who are looking for PO coating film made with raw materials from Japan, we also have various options.

Mulching Film (Black, Green, Mixed black and white, Hole mulching film, Biodegradable film)

This film can prevent rising soil temperature, suppress weeds, soil pollution, and keep fertilization and moisturizing.
Hole mulching film is perforated for convenience, and there are color options of black, white, green, and black and white mixed.

Weaving Film

This film is a particular functional film for a high-temperature environment where intense light and UV rays, above all, this film lasts longer than expected.