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Weeding / Shading / Heating Material

Those products control the temperature, humidity,
and transmittance of light to adjust crop growth conditions.
Using a variety of materials such as weed mat, screen, heating mat, blanket,
multi-layered heating curtain, and others, can improve thermal and prevent weed growth.

Shading Material

You can use it whenever need to shade the light.
Depending on how much sunlight needs to be shaded,
we customize the shading net of solid fabric
from 35% to 99%.

Heating mat / Blanket / Cotton / Felt / Cotton Layered Shading Net

Crops can be protected from cold winter weather
with those heating materials.

Multi-Layered Heating Curtain

It is the most cost-effective system
to prevent the temperature in the greenhouse.

Weed Mate / Felt

As install those materials in the ground in advance,
can prevent the weed from growing which is the biggest problem for farming.