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Irrigation / Plumbing Component

We have various products for agriculture, horticulture, irrigation, and plumbing.
For every customer, we have various irrigation items such as PE pipes, soft pipes, irrigation components, etc.

Threaded / Compression Fitting

Depending on the application,
you can find the right irrigation products.

We have items with sizes from ¢13 to 50 of union valves, single thread valves, tee quick coupling, valve socket, socket, elbow, reducing quick coupling, tee connection, adapter, etc.

Plastic Disc Filter / Motor Pump / Water Tank

Those agricultural irrigation system products provide clean and rich water to crops.

  • - Plastic disc filter: 25 to 50A
  • - Motor pump: 0.5hp to 2.0hp
  • - PE Water tank: 0.4 to 10 ton

Agricultural PE Pipes(LDPE Pipes)

Water pipes are exclusively for agricultural plumping.
We have various thicknesses and lengths of products.

  • - Agricultural PE Pipe: is produced with pressure class 4 to 8 kg/cm
  • - Agricultural LDPE Pipes: softer than PE pipes,
    you can drill the hole if required.

Drip Tape / Inlaid Drip Pipe
Fountain Water Hose / Water Delivery Hose

  • - Drip Tape: it helps to uniformly distribute water over the broad surface.
  • - Fountain hose: it is perforated and used for low, lateral, and overhead.
  • - Water delivery hose: it is used as connected to the water pump.


Depending on the crops, choose the method to water it,
such as ceiling mist or directly to the ground.
The spray angle can be set up from 25 to 360 degrees,
spray distance is controllable according to the pressure.
In case the water pressure is too high, we also recommend connecting multiple units.

Other Components

We have sprinkler components set with SS and UD mist heads of sprinkler can be set up from 40 to 140 l/hr.
We have a spray mist, angle controllable sprinkler head and etc. as well as, have various materials that can connect to the drip irrigation hoses.

  • - Drip irrigation hose components: nipple, barbed end plug, saddle, etc.